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Hi, my name is Felix, I'm a freelance software developer and entrepreneur from Germany. I like PHP, Git, Typo3, Docker, blogging, and I'm available for hire. Well, that's basically all you need to know. Thanks for your attention, byeeee!

Eeehhhhh nop! I do hope I'm a little bit more interesting than that. So here are some more facts about myself.

My personal journey

I was born and raised in Germany, for the most. As a kid, my parents went to Africa, and we lived there for about 2 years. That's probably where I did catch my travel bug. After we came back I went to school, became a state certified IT specialist system integration, and a state certified IT technology technician. I worked for several companies as IT specialist, network specialist and software developer.

5 years ago, I decided to try full time freelancing, quit my job and also started working on my own startup. And that's what I'm still doing: Freelancing as a software engineer, traveling the world and (hopefully) about to launch my own SaaS Business. 

Professional Experiences

If you came here via a search engine or direct link, you might want to check out the home page for a quicker overview over what I do for a living. But to summarize it really quick: I'm a software engineer specialized in system infrastructure, backends and developing high performance apps with PHP and Symfony and sometimes Typo3.  



Most of my time, I'm working on my current SaaS startup the freelancing toolkit, which I hope I'll launch at some point. With this Software, I want to address some of the issues I was facing as a freelancer. My biggest problems were that, while there are many good tools out there, they were never a good fit for me.

I don't need to manage a whole marketing team or have a fancy sales pipeline. So why pay for these features?

I don't want to customize my dashboards. I want them to be done for me already and not to have to waste my time with that.

I also didn't want to use different tools for different tasks. Sure, somehow I could link them and exchange data between them, but why bother? Why not have everything in one place?

So I created the freelancing toolkit to solve all these issues. With that software, you can:

  • manage your bills
  • manage your projects
  • track your times
  • handle your CVs
  • handle your project applications
  • have a little document management system
  • and much more coming soon

Other Projects

And because my day isn't short enough already, I do have a lot of side projects. One is my good old travel and dive blog with the biggest German-speaking scuba lexicon on the web, felixtravelblog.de.

But to be honest, I didn't have too much time to take care about it, so I think I'll take it down at some point. I also have another project called mynomadplace which is not online yet, but it also is about traveling and being a digital nomad and it doesn't make any sense to run two travel websites at the same time.


Last but not least: Yes I do have some hobbies. I like to travel, do fitness, create content, and I'm very much into desks! Sounds strange but check out this beauty:

Best programming desk ever

I'm constantly trying to improve my desks, make them clutter free and maximize my productivity. Maybe I'll do some videos about that in the future.

Bye Bye

Well that's it from my side for today.
Have a good one!

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